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What Is Evergreen Content? [Examples]

What is Evergreen content? First, we need to answer this question and understand Evergreen content. SEO content is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers. It is sustainable and lasting. Compared to normal content, evergreen content makes the traffic grow over time by being relevant long past its publication. Types of content like news articles, statistical reports, and the latest fashion trends are not considered evergreen content because there is no expiration date for evergreen content and will retain its value over the long term, it is very beneficial for SEO because it attracts interest from anyone at any time.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

Evergreen content is very important for SEO. It will increase your traffic over time so you can rank in Google and generate traffic. Your website will be a top-chosen marketplace when you publish content that is always in demand. Customers will click on your website to have the content they need. It also requires less work and builds backlinks. There is a high chance that websites will link back to your content. Since evergreen content remains informative, it will continue to attract more visitors for years. As a result, your brand will be on the front pages, ranking you on search engines like Google. But you must build short and sweet on-page SEO elements such as meta titles.

How Do You Identify Evergreen Content?

You may have built evergreen content on your site without even trying. You can identify this content because it:

  1. It answers common questions of users about your industry. This content is focused on common questions that don’t change over many years.
  2. It provides value. High-quality evergreen content is not just a single-sentence answer because it solves the current problems of users.
  3. It doesn’t rely on current events and trends. If your content is about current statistics that are happening now, it is not evergreen content because it will be updated over time. But if you are discussing how to fix common problems, then your content is evergreen. That information stays fresh and relevant because people will search for it repeatedly. For example, if your content is about “pancake recipe”, it will be in demand forever.
how to create evergreen content

How to Create Evergreen Content?

After answering the question “What is Evergreen Content?”, it is time to build it. These are simple tips to create evergreen content:

  • Choose the right topics. You need to choose a topic with endless traffic potential.
  • Use the right keywords. Posts need to appear in search results. You can use keyword discovery tools to find appropriate keywords.
  • Don’t include specific events and dates. Use current dates to “date” your content because users won’t click on it if it includes outdated information because there is a low chance that people won’t find your content since they stop searching after a certain amount of time.
  • Build case studies. Case studies will depend on your audience and business. If your audience values analytical content, you can consider producing it.
  • Write In-Depth guides. Tutorials and guides make good evergreen content. It is a chance to showcase authoritativeness by building trust in your brand.
  • Update content regularly. You have to update your content occasionally, no matter how hard you work, to produce evergreen content. It will show a new publication date that boosts first-page results and update on-page SEO elements.
  • Repurpose your content. It is effective to repurpose your content in different formats. For example, you can remarket it on social media. 
  • Conduct research. You need to conduct research for every topic you want to write about and update it regularly.
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Evergreen Content Examples

These are common evergreen content examples that will drive traffic to your site and stay fresh over the years:

  • Answering common questions. If people are always asking common questions, they search for them on search engines like Google. So you need to research common articles and questions people are interested in.
  • “How to” guides. This one is very important. It solves common questions by breaking them down into step-by-step explanations.
  • History. A common niche, industry, service, and product history can form successful evergreen content. Focus on on-page SEO elements as well.
  • Checklists. We all need checklists to learn things to be done in several topics and fields.
  • Glossaries. A glossary of terms related to your brand and industry provides information to potential customers.
  • Reviews. You can build trust with potential customers and achieve SEO results by sharing product reviews and testimonials.
  • Web pages. FAQ, help, and product category pages will serve as evergreen content that helps with lead generation and sales.

Blog posts and social media postings. You need to provide materials to search engines. People always prefer short blog posts to get some information about topics.


In this article, we discussed evergreen content and why it is important. We answered the question “What is Evergreen Content?” and gave detailed tips to use it with different examples. This content stays relevant and fresh long after it’s published. Because it focuses on common topics that people always search for. This is very effective for your SEO and ranking in Google. You need to update your content regularly and make it appropriate for demands. So make sure to publish everyday-life topics.

Frequently Asked Questions on Evergreen Content

What Can Be Considered the Opposite of Evergreen Content?

Timely content such as news articles, statistics, and trend-focused pieces can be considered the opposite of evergreen content.

What Are the Common Evergreen Content Topics?

Topics related to everyday life, such as health, finance, technology, career, and family, are certain types of evergreen content.

What Is the Evergreen Video?

An evergreen video is content that will stay fresh after it’s made. These videos are always in demand and are watched for some information.

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