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What Is Structured Data?

Dealing with structured data is a given if you are an SEO expert. Then what is structured data? It’s without a doubt that by providing hints about what your web page is about, structured data aims to remove any concerns Google may have regarding the content and purpose of your webpage.

For this reason, we’ll discuss the definition of structured data in this article. We will also go through the advantages of structured data and explain Schema.org and JSON-LD.

Advantages of Using Structured Data

Before getting into the benefits of using structured data, you need to know what it is first. You might ask, what is structured data then? Structured data is created to be captured, stored, organized, and analyzed. It’s a format with clearly defined hierarchies, a set of data vocabularies, and a well-defined structure that search engines may use to understand what your website is about.

You can let search engines know what they can expect to discover on your website by using structured data. Furthermore, search engines can better exhibit your website in their search results by using structured data, which enables them to recognize the sort of web page they are looking at.

Structured Data Types

There are various types of structured data that Google uses. Let’s now look at these groups:

  1. Organization Markup: This type is used to show that a website is affiliated with a brand. You can provide information about your brand’s logo, contact details, and social media links using this structured data.
  2. Website (Site Search Box): When your website appears in search engine results, this structured data generates a search bar for the content on your website.
  3. Site Navigation Markup: By providing details about particular web pages, it aids users and search engines in comprehending the hierarchy and website structure.
  4. Video Schema: It shows the videos on search engine results.
  5. Products: This shows information about the product on search engine results. It provides details on the product’s rating, pricing, and comments.
  6. Rating Markup: This type is commonly used by hotels and restaurants as it gives information regarding the rating.
rating markup structured data

Keep in mind that these types of structured data use Schema.org terminology. If you are wondering what Schema.org is, check the next section.

What is Schema.org?

An open community called Schema.org was established to develop, promote, and maintain schemas for structured data for websites, emails, and online content. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex were involved in its creation.

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It is made up of a hierarchy-organized set of types that are connected to a set of properties. The event, person, place, product, offer, health, and medical types are the most often utilized categories.

Schema.org is a code that is essential for helping computers comprehend how things and facts relate to one another. Schema.org includes encodings like RDFa, Microdata, and JSON-LD to accomplish this. Let’s now examine JSON-LD to fully understand it.

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) is a code that is added to the header of the web page and is invisible to users. Google prefers us to use the JSON LD form Schema.org. If you see an HTML code with “<script>” you will know that there is a use of JSON-Ld there.

json ld example structured data

JSON-LD is used to collect and arrange disordered and disconnected data. JSON-LD specifies the website’s content using Schema.org vocabulary. It gives Google a clearer picture of your website. This benefits on-page SEO strategies since it enables Google to recognize your website content and makes it easier for users to access and understand your material.


In summary, this article provides information on structured data and on-page SEO as well as a solution to the query “what is structured data?” We hoped that this article helped clarify the meaning, benefits, and types of structured data.

FAQs on Structured Data

What is the difference between structured data and unstructured data?

As we discussed previously, structured data is data that facilitates analysis, simple entry, and querying. Businesses may use and alter it with ease. However, tools neither process nor interpret unstructured data. Because of this, data manipulation requires expertise and specialized equipment.

How important is structured data for SEO?

On-page SEO has always focused on structured data since the introduction of Schema.org. Structured data for SEO gives hints and facts about the structure and content of the web page, which helps your website show up in Google search results. This way, you could reach the higher ranking you desire faster than your competitors.

What are the characteristics of structured data?

Because structured data is clearly defined, this feature makes it simple to recognize and access. Structured data knowledge could be simply extracted. Furthermore, when it comes to structured data, data security is simple to maintain.

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