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What Is the Definition of SEO? (& How It Works?)

Even if your business is online or not, you have to have a website and show up when the related keywords are being searched. Coming up in the search results is not enough; you have to outrank your competitors and show up before them. You can make this happen in the best way possible with SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is getting your web page on a higher rank or the first page (if possible) when certain keywords are searched by optimizing your content. There are many ways to optimize your website. First, you need to make sure your website is high quality, doesn’t lag, and so on. You can then start building links and get started with the technical SEO part of optimization, which will be explained in just a bit.

definition of seo

How SEO Works?

To understand the way of SEO working, you have to know search engine algorithms and their ranking factors. For example, Google’s algorithm cares if the page on your site has high-quality content. From the content of your website to the loading speed, everything affects search engine optimization. That’s why there are many SEO strategies you can follow. But to understand the basics, we should first know a couple of terms.

We mentioned building links before. Building links is one of the strategies that is included in ranking factors. When your webpage has internal and external links going, Google thinks your site is reliable and has authority. 

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Without going too deep, there is another very important tactic to mention: Technical SEO. Technical search engine optimization is all about your keywords and tags. It puts the “technical” part of your content in order, such as adding header/title or meta tags, and meta descriptions or keyword phrases.

FAQs on Search Engine Optimization

Where do I start with SEO?

Search engine optimization is a pretty huge and comprehensive theme, but you need to learn for every step of it is Keyword Search. Get to know your keywords because you will need it in each strategy.

What are the title and meta tags? 

Tags and meta descriptions are the little HTML codes of a webpage. A page’s title tag and meta description are shown as a “snippet” when it appears on search results.

Why do I need SEO?

Regardless of your business type, if you benefit online, you have to have proper content marketing and an SEO strategy to go with it. It is important because more than ninety percent of viewers don’t even click on the second page when searching for something.

To Conclude on SEO

In this article, we tried to scratch the surface of what the definition of SEO is and get to know a couple of terms as the basics of it. Hopefully, we answered some of your questions. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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