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How to Find Good Blog Titles? (2022 Title Ideas)

People will rarely read blog posts if the title is not that good or catchy. Therefore bloggers have to work hard on the blog and the blog title as well. Here we outlined some methods that will make your succesfully make good blog titles. 

  1. Start by having Ideas of the title: This implies looking for great keywords related to your blog. You can write them on a rough paper. 
  2. Accuracy: Your blog title has to be accurate and very concise. Your readers should have a clear idea of what you will be talking about, making them click on first sight. Again, it should be descriptive; do not be scared to use brackets and years. For example, TikTok was banned in china (New report). SEO should not be too long because it could be cut off, disabling the readers to read the full title. 
  3. Make it attractive: You have to highly use adjectives, for instance, 15 Instagram’s influencers that are killing the summer vibes. As mentioned, writing a blog that implies “the who” generates 22% higher CTR (Click through Rate). 
  4. Keep it short: When writing a blog title, it should be short for your readers to memorize and know what you are talking about easily. On the other hand, when the blog title is too long, the readers easily get bored. 
  5. Try to Optimize for social media: Concerning optimization, try to make it available on search engines using related keywords to your content, avoid keyword stuffing; if not, your title will lack accuracy. 
good blog titles

Tips for Finding Good Blog Titles

It implies being catchy for a title to be good; here as some tips to make your blog title good.

  1. Post Titles with 6-7words: Don’t make your title too short either too long. Whenever the title is too short, it is not explicit, and the readers will not get enough information about the blog; on the contrary, making the title too long will make your title cut-off on the search pages, and readers get bored.
  2. Use adjectives: Adjectives add spices to your blog titles. Additionally, they describe clearly a noun—for example, Celine Dion’s wonderful voice.
  3. Use years and location: This will make your blog ranked in specific areas and help readers know the exact date your blog post is referring to. 
  4. Use of software tools: Tools like Portent title generator have been launched. The procedure is quite easy, you just have to add a keyword, and it will come out with several titles. 
  5. Know your reader base: If you are a multi-age writer, good and fine. But if you write a post for people of a particular age, then target what triggers them. For example, if you are writing about politics, your target age reader will be 18 years and above. 
  6. Stay original and unique. 
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FAQs About Blog Titles 

What blog posts are the most popular?

Fashion blog posts are the most popular.

How can I promote my blog? 

First and foremost, start by sharing on all your social media platforms, either active or not. Then you can pay for an advert to advertising platforms.

What happens if I have a good blog title? 

It will motivate a lot of readers to click on your blog, and you can be successful.

To Conclude Good Titles

Blog writers should always take care of their blog titles because it is the first thing readers notice before the content; also very important for SEO. Nevertheless, having a good title should also imply good content.

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