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What Is Keyword Stuffing? (2022 Brief Guide)

Keyword stuffing, also known as keyphrase stuffing, is a widely known SEO technique used by website owners to rank their websites to the top by inscribing many keywords into their websites. Additionally, Keyphrase stuffing is a very negative term in the search engine optimization (SEO) space. For this reason, this act is considered web spam and was a common strategy used back in the 1990s and 2000s. Nowadays, keyword stuffing is observed as a black hat technique.

Is Keyword Stuffing Bad for Webpages?

Keyword stuffing aims at using keywords anyhow and everywhere on to a content creating a website to acquire more visibility.

  • Diminishing rich content: Keyphrase stuffing has so many defects; firstly, the most important thing in which users rely on is the content. For instance, if you create rich content, you need to highlight keywords related to your content, thus acquiring the right users of your content who will be very interested in what you offer. 
  • The invisibility of your blog or website: If you overuse keyphrase stuffing in your website or blog, you have high chances for your article to be penalized and never be seen on search engines. In other words, you can’t fool Google. 
  • People easily get bored: People are interested in the content rather than keywords, so the keywords should be slightly used. The use of keyphrase stuffing will tend to make people get bored and leave your website. 
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If you focus on keyphrase stuffing, the chances to have an SEO friendly article are less.

keyword stuffing

Detecting Keyword Stuffing 

As mentioned above, keyphrase stuffing is a black hat technique and can be easily detected. Here are two ways in which keyphrase stuffing can be detected.


Here, It involves the use of your senses to detect tricks of keyphrase stuffing 

For example: 

  • Words or phrases repeated several times indicates the presence of keyword stuffing
  • Whenever you see words out of context that is words not related to the content
  • When keywords repeat several times. 

Using Software tools

Many software tools like Copywritely.com, Visio spark, SmartSEOTools, PrepostSEO, etc. have been created to detect any keyword stuffing. The operation is easy in which a text is inserted into the software tool’s blank space, then the software analyses and detects any keyword stuffing. Moreover, after the detection, you can modify some phrases or texts to decrease the chances of keyword stuffing

FAQs About Keyword Stuffing

Is keyphrase stuffing good for SEO? 

Search engines highly condemn it, and high of this could lead to penalties.

How can I use keywords in the right way? 

Assigning one keyword for every page, Writing content with more than 300 words, Inserting the keyword in the correct page element, avoid repetition. 

How can I bring more traffic to my website? 

Create quality content, use hashtags, post your website on other social media platforms, target keywords, and then enjoy the results.

To Conclude Keyword Stuffing

Keyphrase stuffing should not be advertised because it is a cheating act and discourages hard work and creativity. We all need to work hard and be a reward for our work. 

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