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What Is A Featured Snippet?

Although you might not have heard the word “featured snippets” very often, given it has to do with Google search results, you might be wondering “what is a featured snippet?”. Search engine results pages (SERPs) display the outcomes of Google queries.  You can find feature snippets among these results.

Due to this, we will discuss what is a featured snippet in this article along with their types, advantages, and methods of operation.

Featured Snippet Types

Let’s first examine what is a featured snippet before delving into the various types of featured snippets. The summary that Google presents as the most relevant response to a search query is known as a featured snippet. The URL, meta description, and page title are all placed after a featured snippet. The “About featured snippets” label will appear beneath the text once you have viewed a featured snippet.

The four different categories of featured snippets are tables, lists, steps, and definitions. Now let’s examine each of them separately.


Definitions, the most common type of featured snippets, focus on providing information about the content of the web page. When someone searches on Google for “what is…” or “definition of…”, they frequently come up. As an example, if you type “What is a featured snippet? The first result from a Google search can be a definition in the form of a featured snippet.


To display ordered or unordered lists that address the search query, lists are extracted from web pages. When you encounter this kind of featured snippet, you’ll notice that the results page only displays a part of the list; you must click the link to view the entire list. Consequently, this has an impact on click-through rates.


These are ordered lists that outline the processes for completing the requested information. Similar to lists, clicking the link enables you to view all of the steps on the website and, as a result, increases click-through rates.


Tables are excellent for organizing complex data and displaying it to consumers who are looking for an answer. For display on the search engine results page, Google pulls them straight from the web page.

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Benefits of Featured Snippets

Finding featured snippets on the internet can be very helpful. Featured snippets give users all the information they need without taking too much time because they usually don’t require a click to access the text.

Businesses also benefit from featured snippets. They improve brand and website visibility and increase traffic to your website. Because featured snippets on Google search results are more appealing and intriguing than organic search results, it also boosts click-through rates (CTR). This might have an indirect impact on your use of on-page SEO as well as how you rank in search results.

How Do You Win Featured Snippets?

The secret to obtaining featured snippets is to provide clear, brief answers to user queries. By doing this, you are giving Google what it needs and assisting in the appearance of your website in search engine results.

You might begin developing your content using keyword research if you intend to work on earning a featured snippet. When conducting keyword research, you might seek queries that have featured snippets and examine the solutions provided by your competitors. By doing so, you might generate an original response of your own.

Are Featured Snippets Paid?

Despite not being paid, featured snippets may look preferable to organic results because they always show above the organic listing. Remember, though, that paid listings will always appear above the featured snippets.


In conclusion, we answered the question of what is a featured snippet and explained the types and benefits of featured snippets. We hope this article helped you understand how featured snippets work.

FAQs on Featured Snippets

Why did Google take my featured snippet down, for one?

The featured snippet will be withdrawn if Google determines it to violate “Google’s Featured Snippets Policy.” Violations of this policy include those involving violence, insensitive remarks, or sexually explicit material.  Additionally, the featured snippet may be deleted if it is reported by users.

How do I report to Google about a featured snippet?

Go to the featured snippet you want to report and click the “Feedback” button if you think it violates Google’s featured snippets policy. After that, you can choose your justification for reporting the featured snippet and provide feedback.

Do featured snippets affect SEO?

Featured snippets indirectly impact your page authority and improve your position because they increase click-through rates. On-page SEO is impacted, though not in a clear-cut and direct way.

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