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What Is a Domain? (Domain Explained 2022)

When you create your website for your business or blog, you probably have heard that you need a domain name. But what is a it, how to choose a it, and the difference between a domain and a website? We will explain all in the following article.

To put it simply, domain or domain name is the address that appears on the top of the screen, called the “address bar” when your webpage is loaded. Domain names are also unique, just like a physical address. You need to register a name before using it, and when someone types in that name, they will only reach your website and nowhere else.

Website vs. Domain

Every computer has a unique IP address of its own, which is a string of numbers, and to connect to a web address, you would normally need to remember all those numbers. Instead, you remember the names, type them in your web browser, and just like that, you reach your destination.

The difference between websites and domains is pretty simple. For example, Facebook is a website, and the website name is, well, Facebook. But their name would be facebook.com, which is what you would write in the address bar instead of the search bar.


Domain Types

As a website builder, you need to know about purchasing domains and free domains. Sometimes there are free domains available, usually in the form of yourname.webhost.com, which are called subdomains, but they also have some disadvantages.

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If you are or want to be a name registrant, you need to tell the difference of various name types.

To begin with, there is a top-level domain, TLD, which means that these name system DNS is at the highest level. TLD includes, generic (gTLD), .com.en, .co.uk extensions are called the country-code domain (ccTLD), and there is also internationalized country code (IDN ccTLD).

Other types to mention are the second level, third level, and subdomains.

If you want to own a custom name, you can use the Domain.com; they act as a name registrar to find out if the name is available to purchase and register.

FAQs on Domains

What are the disadvantages of a subdomain?

First of all, your website may be hard to find because the name won’t be custom, and you will not be eligible to transfer your name to another web host, but it is free. 

What are name extensions?

The .com, .edu, .en parts of a name are called the name extensions.

What are generic TLDs extensions?

.com, .net, .biz, .org and .info are the most popular generic top level domains.

Concluding on Domain

In this short article, we explained what a domain is and the difference between a website and its types. Hopefully, we were able to help with your website building journey.

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